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Complete Cleaning Services are committed to providing our roof cleaning customers with excellent service and the highest quality of workmanship to make your roof stand out from your neighbours.

A clean roof gives your property a well maintained look.

Roof cleaning plymouth
moss removal low pressure steam cleaning pressure washing plymouth

Roof Cleaning

Plymouth and surrounding areas.

Complete cleaning will clean your roof by using

light pressure to remove the moss and lichen from the roof tiles.


Once your roof has been cleaned a specialised biocide (Fungicidal wash) will be used to kill all bacteria and moss.


This biocide is the best on the market and works 

over a period of time. The results will be a

completely new looking roof.

low pressure roof cleaning moss removal plymouth
Roof cleaning in plymouth
roof clean and biocide treatment in plymouth southwest
roof cleaning and biocide treatment plymouth
Roof scraping in plymouth southwest
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